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The collections of the V&A Museum,Morley Gallery, London   "A Tidal A-Z"                           Prizewinner "A Walk Along Gale Beach"





I have spent the last summer on a couple of Suffolk beaches sketching pebbles, rocks and seashell fragments.  I am  interested in the textures caused by millions of years of weather and erosion slowly chiselling, buffing and polishing the earth's rock into stones.  I also print from found objects on the beach - wood and metal.








I was in Portugal again in the winter and made many more drawings which helped me produce this artists book which won the V&A printmaking prize in 2016 for "A Walk Along Gale Beach" and a highly commended prize in 2018 for a rolodex 'A Tidal A - Z'

Portugal pigments


Pigment samples collected from the West and South Coast of Portugal along with a map of where I collected the earth.


These have been ground into printing inks and displayed is a small etching made from a drawing of Castelejo Beach which has been printed with the pigment from the soil I collected there.

Since March Lock down 2020 I have been making books.  These books contain the work that I have gathered together of pigment samples, ink made from wood that I burnt in Portugal to make charcoal and books containing nature observations made on my walks and swims. (GALLERY)


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